Welcome to GPE’s website

General Power Equipment-GPE was founded by joining the experience of a skilled technical team of engineers coming from the power conversion field. GPE is actively promoting its products in the power energy conversion market with a complete range of devices, that are extremely reliable and totally customizable according to the customer needs.

UPS – Uninterruptible Power Supply

The Uninterruptible Power Supply (UPS) is designed to provide power to the load while keeping the parameters of voltage and frequency output within the limits of adjustment.

AC/AC converters (frequency converters)

GPE F1K AC/AC converters are mainly used for applications where the input and output parameters (voltage and / or frequency) are different.

AC/DC Converters (Rectifiers)

AC/DC Converters (Rectifiers) are mainly used for industrial applications and test bench systems.

DC/AC inverters

GPE DC/AC inverters are mainly used in power stations or on industrial sites (where a DC supply is already available) to supply auxiliary equipment.

STS – Static Transfer Switches

The STS (static transfer switches) manufactured by GPE are used for no-break transfers between two different power sources in order to supply the load without interruption when the main source fails.

Integrated Test Systems

GPE team has a huge experience in the development of test systems and laboratory tests for motors and transformers.