1 GPE comes from the experience of engineers specialized in the field of energy conversion. For over 15 years, the company produces a wide range of devices, from traditional power rectifiers to the newer ones, such as SVM Digital Inverters, mainly used for the conversion of energy from renewable sources. The main business of GPE is to ensure more and more advanced and extremely effective electronic equipment for the process of power conversion.

Over the years, thanks to continuous investments in research and development and a highly qualified staff of technicians, GPE has developed considerable skills in the production of :

  • • UPS- Uninterruptible power supply
  • • AC/AC Converters (Frequency converters)
  • • AC/AC Avionic Converters (400Hz)
  • • AC/AC SVM Converters for renewable energy sources
  • • AC/DC Converters (Rectifiers)
  • • DC/AC Inverters
  • • DC/AC Inverters for railways applications
  • • STS – Static Transfer Switches
  • • Integrated Test Systems

All the devices are manufactured entirely in the Italian factory and the engineering team follows all the steps of the project, allowing the company to reach a very high level both in terms of quality and reliability. GPE products are used for different fields of application , mainly for railways, subways, airports , hospitals, power plants, oil and gas platforms and a great variety of industrial processes. Since 2000, GPE has built and installed more than 7000 devices and more than 80 % of these were distributed abroad, particularly in the United Kingdom, Ireland , Mexico, the Far East and the CIS.

company03Much of the company’s success comes also from the close working relationship it establishes with its clients, always putting their needs first. The technical staff in continuous training of GPE provides a significant support to choose the best possible solution, so that the final product meets the exact specifications required. In addition, GPE has always paid special attention to any kind of technological innovation that allows you to save energy resources , improve efficiency and reduce the environmental impact, carefully selecting the components and devices preferring EEU.