GPE F2K AVIO converters range from 10 to 300kVA with a standard output of 208Vac, 400Hz, 3 phase (480 or 575Vac available on request). These units are primarily used to supply power to aircraft (when on the ground) and during service/maintenance operations. F2K AVIO systems are ISO 6858, MIL –STD-704 and EN 2282 compliant. If required, the unit can be built into a special frame with an increased IP rating for outside use. Additionally, it can be mounted on a special trailer (with wheels) to enable it to be moved across the service / operation area. It is also possible to add a 28Vdc rectifier inside the unit (sized by customer) which is normally used with a 400Hz converter to supply aircraft during ground operations. POWER: from 3 to 300kva , three phase-three phase; from 3 to 120kva single phase-single phase and three-single-phase
STANDARD VOLTAGES: 120-208-220- 380-400-415- 440- 480- 575-600V
FREQUENCY: 400- 440Hz
Standard colors RAL
COOLING: Air forced or liquid