GPE F1K AC/AC converters are mainly used for applications where the input and output parameters (voltage and / or frequency) are different. The F1K units range from 5 to 1600kVA and can be easily configured / customized for any special applications. All GPE F1K product range is fitted with output transformers in order to guarantee full insulation between mains and load. This improves the reliability of the system which is key to the success of these units and highlights GPE’s philosophy on design. POWER: from 3 to 1600kVA, three phase-three phase; from 3 to 200kva single phase-single phase and three-single-phase
STANDARD VOLTAGES: 120-208-220 – 380-400-415 – 440-480 – 600V
FREQUENCY: from 45 to 75 Hz
Standard colors RAL
COOLING: Air forced or liquid