The F1K-RG range of AC/AC converters is mainly used in renewable energy plants. The complete range is based on a modular design. The basic module consists of a 100 or 200kW power frame which can be paralleled up to 5 units. The 100kW power frame is CEI-021 certified and the 250kW module is CEI-016 certified. These allow the customer to sell energy back to the grid (according to Italian rules and regulations). Using this configuration it is possible to build a 1.25MW power system from a single mainframe.This static unit has been designed to be supplied from a variable speed alternator. This enables the customer to maximize the efficiency of the overall system even when the input frequency is far below the nominal. As these units can be supplied from a varying frequency, it is possible to use these systems on hydroelectric, biogas or variable speed diesel engines and ORC based power recovery systems.

GPE F1K-RG range can also operate when disconnected from the commercial using energy produced onsite. This unit has the latest SVM digital control which enables it to be configured to suit a wide range of customer’s requirements and specification.

F1K-RG unit is also provided with an isolating output transformer to ensure it complies with the latest standards whilst still following our policy on safety and reliability.

POWER: from 10 to 200kva, three phase-three phase, approved IEC 021; from 200 to 1000Kva three phase-three phase, approved IEC 016
STANDARD VOLTAGES: from 60 to 800V
INPUT FREQUENCY: from 6 to 100 Hz
Standard colors RAL
COOLING: Air forced or liquid