The Uninterruptible Power Supply (UPS) is designed to provide power to the load while keeping the parameters of voltage and frequency output within the limits of adjustment.

T2K manufactured by GPE are designed for heavy duty rugged environments applications suited for chemical plants , refineries, power substation , airports and railways stations .

The units give a full insulation of the critical load from the mains in order to ensure a full power availability and reliability over an heavy polluted mains line supply , protecting the load from mains dip, sags and heavy harmonic disturbance .

T2K systems are fully designed and manufactured in Italy since 2001 and the production process is fully compliant with ISO9001-2008.

POWER: from 3 to 800kVA, three phase-three phase; from 3 to 200kva single phase-single phase and three-single-phase
STANDARD VOLTAGES: 120-208-220 – 380-400-415 – 440-480 – 600V
Standard colors RAL
COOLING: Air forced or liquid